Pixel borders

A Sass mixin to add pixelated borders to HTML elements, which can be customized for different sizes, styles and colour coding.

Basic examples

Pixel border 1
Pixel inset 1

Pixel border 2
Pixel inset 2

Colour themed examples

Customisation examples


$ npm install pixel-borders --save-dev



After installation you can import it into your Sass files with the statement below.

@import "node_modules/pixel-borders/src/styles/pixel-borders.scss";

You can also just import the mixins without the demo styles.

@import "node_modules/pixel-borders/src/styles/pixel-borders/pixel-borders-mixins";

Pixel borders mixin options

// Add pixel borders with default options
@include pixel-borders();

// Available options
@include pixel-borders(
  $corner-size: 1,
  $border-size: 4px,
  $border-color: #000,
  $border-inset-color: false

// Helper method to create custom styles e.g. colour themes, inset border, highlight
@include pixel-box(
  $border-color: false,
  $border-inset: true,
  $border-inset-size: false,
  $border-inset-color: false,
  $border-inset-sides: false,
  $border-inset-color-br: false,
  $border-inset-color-tl: false 


Property Default Type Description
$corner-size 1 Number Number of pixels taken out of the corner.
$border-size 4px Number(px) Border size.
$border-color #000 Hexadecimal color Border colour.
$border-inset-color false False/Hexadecimal color Add a inset border to the bottom right in this colour.


Property Default Type Description
$corner-size Number Number of pixels taken out of the corner.
$border-size Number(px) Border size.
$background-color Hexadecimal color Background colour for the box, this is used as a base for colour theme.
$border-color Darkened $background-color False/Hexadecimal colour Border colour.
$border-inset true Boolean Add a inset border.
$border-inset-size $border-size False/Number(px) Inset border size.
$border-inset-color Darkened $background-color False/Hexadecimal color Inset border colour.
$border-inset-sides 'bottom-right' String Which sides to add inset border to, 'all', 'top-left' or 'bottom-right'.
$border-inset-sides-br $border-inset-color False/Hexadecimal color Bottom right inset border colour.
$border-inset-sides-tl Lightened $background-color False/Hexadecimal color Top left inset border colour.


A class of .pixel-borders is applied all elements with a pixel border for demo purposes only, you should be able to add pixel borders to any elements.

The pixel borders mixin comes with a number of classes defined to demonstrate how it can be used. These can be used as is but I would encourage users to create their own customized classes.

Demo site

Clone or download from Github.

$ npm install
$ gulp serve


Inspired by the excellent NES.css which is a full NES-style CSS framework. Pixel borders is intended to be used where only the borders are required.